Our Programs

The Ministry of Religious Education at St. Joseph’s promotes the growth and development of a lived experience of our Catholic faith. We assist the parents of baptized children as they carry out their responsibility to form their children in our faith.

Our Catechetical Programs do the vital work of formal Religious Education. Through classes, special events, liturgies, the use of media, and prayer, our young people and their families are brought to a deeper understanding of our faith.

Christ called us not just to know God but to live a life worthy of our calling to love one another. We network with our Parish Social Ministry Office and local organizations to provide opportunities for service and outreach to those in need.

St. Joseph’s Catechetical Program offers curriculum-based programs from First through Twelfth Grade. Our High School Programs enable teens to learn their faith in a fun and supportive environment.

Our Sacramental Programs provide occasions for intergenerational learning through parent meetings, special activities, service commitments and parish liturgies. These are two-year programs.

We offer Basic courses, catechist training, and parent education.