Living the Eucharist

Lenten Program to Begin at St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Are you ready to grow closer to God? If your answer is “YES,” you will be delighted to know that here at Saint Joseph’s we are preparing a wonderful Lenten Program to help you do just that! It is a brand new program put out by the Paulist Fathers called Living the Eucharist.

Living the Eucharist is a parish program designed to bring you closer to God through a more profound experience of this core mystery of our Church. It has something for everyone – adults, teens, and families. In addition, it also provides books with daily Lenten reflections for everyone, whether participating in groups or not. Adults may become part of small faith sharing groups, while teens can be part of a group designed just for them. Families may come together in their own homes once a week, during Lent, to pray and learn more about the Eucharist, as well as explore ways to live the Eucharist together.